Original Book or Adapted Movie?

Recently, adapted movies have been trending and become a huge change in film history throughout the world. Since the success story of Harry Potter film production adapted from the original novel written by J.K. Rowling, lots of movie producers follow to make screenplays from books, novels, or comics. For instance, now we can see the movie of The Justice League and The Avengers with a sophisticated 3D CGI animation, which are much different from the original comic style. Some screenwriters think that it is a good idea to visualize things from the book and present the image and imagination to the audience with a movie. However, some film critics think that nowadays many screenwriters are not creative anymore to deliver the great original idea of a story. Eventually, the audience will see and prefer which one is the better. There are three differences we can compare between the movie and the original book, such as visualization, completeness, and cost.

First, one of the most obvious differences between the movie and the book is the visualization. Comparing the visualization, people who are not into reading the details would rather watch the movie than read the book. Especially for kids, a movie can deliver and bring their fantasy easily into a different world because, in contrast, it would be really difficult for children to get the meaning of the story from a more-than-two-hundred-page novel. During two hours, we can find the plot of the story from the visualization of the film. However, when you read a novel, you would spend more than a week perusing words by words in the novel and get the message of the story.

Second, comparing the completeness, people who previously have read the original book will find there are plots in the book which are not included in the film adaptation due to the limited duration. Some novel lovers sometimes feel so disappointed after they watched the adapted movie and find there is no specific scene in the novel presented in the movie. On the other hand, we can obtain the full version and very detailed story of the film from the original book.

Finally, there are differences in the production and consumption cost between the book and the film. In addition, to produce a film, a producer will hire an excellent director to make the scenes, a screenwriter who can transform an original book into dialogue or screenplay, and casts who act the characters of the movie. It takes more than a billion rupiahs to create a good movie, so they will try to persuade the public to watch the movie by making a trailer, meet-and-greet, or premiere show. With about fifty thousand rupiahs, we can enjoy the movie. Unlike the adapted movie, the cost of creating a book will be less than fifty million rupiahs. Therefore, after spending around a hundred thousand rupiahs, we can buy a book first and we can have it forever.

To sum up, reading a book or watching an adapted movie is a personal decision, depending on visualization, completeness, and cost. For bookworms, it is interesting to read the story on each page of the book. In contrast, it is okay to enjoy an adapted movie for people who really hate reading a thousand words in spite of the fact they may miss some scenes which are not shown in the movie.



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Arif Wicaksono

Arif Wicaksono

A director, a screenwriter, and an actor of my own life.